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Car headlights appear out of a misty dark. But what's this? They have eyes!!

Is your car spying on you?

3 min read
Unlike many other devices, cars are not prefixed with the word smart. Even if they’re connected to the internet—and...
An illustration of a meter. Thumbs up on one end, thumbs down on the other.

Your devices are rating you. Behave accordingly.

4 min read
Chances are you’ve seen “Nosedive,” the infamous Black Mirror episode depicting a world in which ordinary people rate each...
An illustration of a CA certificate.

What is a CA certificate, and how does it work?

3 min read
Recently, the government of Kazakhstan temporarily forced citizens to install a Certificate Authority (CA) that allowed the state to...
The Kazakhstan flag, except with a padlock where the sun should be.

How to stop the Kazakhstan government from intercepting your internet traffic

2 min read
Update: The Kazakh government has halted its CA plans for now. If you previously installed the certificate, make sure...
The FaceApp logo, with horns.

FaceApp’s popularity sparks privacy concerns, but when will we learn?

4 min read
Chances are you’ve recently come across photos of friends and family years into the future, thanks to viral photo...
A smartphone screen with an open eye on a red background.

Report: Stalkerware apps not held accountable for infringing privacy rights

3 min read
Stalkerware—spyware applications installed on devices to surveil children, employees, and partners—has become the latest tool used by abusers to...
Facial recognition scan with a question mark on the face.

The fight for your face: The battles deciding the fate of...

3 min read
Last week, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to ban government agencies from using facial recognition...
A phone with a magnifying glass showing a black void with NSA on the handle.

A controversial NSA phone records program might be shutting down

2 min read
The National Security Agency (NSA) may be ending a program that analyzes the records of hundreds of millions of...
Massive housing leak exposed buyer documents

An unprotected server leaked 24 million sensitive housing documents not once...

3 min read
If you live in the U.S. and bought a house sometime over the last decade, your information may be...
An illustration of internet symbol in handcuffs.

Laws that threaten internet freedom around the world

3 min read
We recently explained why Australia’s new cybersecurity bill is a bad idea. It gives law enforcement the ability to...

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