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A thief attempts to steal a laptop.

6 of the biggest crypto heists of all time

5 min read
When you store your money in a traditional bank, you do so because you have few other options. Of...
An illustration of a scrap of paper with a username and password field on it. But get this! It's on a fishing hook! Lol.

What is a phishing attack?

3 min read
Phishing is by far the most common “hack” used to steal passwords, take over accounts, and enter systems without...
An illustration of a whistle decorated with the Stars and Stripes.

5 famous whistleblowers who risked everything

4 min read
“See something, say something” is a safety and awareness campaign running across multiple cities in the United States. If you...
The Marriott logo restyled to look like an open padlock.

Marriott loses the data of half a billion customers

1 min read
Have you traveled for work or pleasure at any point in the past four years? If yes, you could...
A gravestone with "internet Privacy" engraved upon it.

Is internet privacy a lost cause?

4 min read
Most people think of privacy as a fundamental right. The right to have a personal conversation without someone listening,...
A Swedish flag fashioned to look like a thumbs up.

Swedes are inserting tiny microchips under their skin

3 min read
Fed up with carrying cumbersome keychains and bulky wallets? Why not copy a growing number of Swedes and implant...
A padlock with a Wi-Fi symbol.

Wi-Fi security: How to stay safe while connected

3 min read
Wireless security has two components: Authentication and secrecy. And, in theory, responsibility for network security lies with both operators...
A VPN for cheaper online shopping

Online shopping with a VPN: Find deals and protect yourself this...

7 min read
Stand aside, brick-and-mortar stores: Online shopping has been growing exponentially, bringing with it undeniable upsides, but also a few...
A hammer tries to brute force open a padlock.

How brute-force cracking might reveal your password

5 min read
In cryptography, a brute force attack attempts to decipher encrypted content by guessing the encryption key. This attack is...

The secret codes that nobody can crack

3 min read
Remember back in school, when you and your best friend would exchange secret notes across the classroom in code?...

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