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An illustration of a CA certificate.

What is a CA certificate, and how does it work?

3 min read
Recently, the government of Kazakhstan temporarily forced citizens to install a Certificate Authority (CA) that allowed the state to...
An illustration of a block of servers and a checklist on a notepad.

PwC audits ExpressVPN servers to confirm essential privacy protections

2 min read
At ExpressVPN, we take your privacy and security extremely seriously. To best protect our customers, we follow a central...
The logos of the eight apps featured in this listicle.

8 apps to protect your privacy online

4 min read
Navigating the privacy minefield that is today’s internet can be a challenge. With cybersecurity incidents like the Equifax hack...
An illustration of a large green question mark. Inside the question mark, there is a stream of letters and numbers to symbolize code (like they did in the Matrix).

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
A VPN is a clever bit of software that masks the IP address of any device you install it...
Latest updates on the ExpressVPN router app.

ExpressVPN router app: Latest updates and software upgrades

4 min read
Click here for the latest ExpressVPN router software For older versions of ExpressVPN for routers click here Are you tired of...
Mobile phone with an unlocked and locked icon on either side of a yellow line on the floor.

Worried your devices will get confiscated at the border? Here’s what...

3 min read
There is growing evidence to suggest that border security agents are taking greater steps to intrude into our daily...
A red background with white text. The text says "10th anniversary".

ExpressVPN is turning 10!

2 min read
Ten years is a lifetime in the tech world. We’ve been around since the days when it was still...
A laptop with the ExpressVPN app for Windows open on the screen.

The latest ExpressVPN app for Windows is our best yet

16 min read
Click here for the latest ExpressVPN Windows software For older versions of ExpressVPN for Windows click here We’ve given the ExpressVPN...
ExpressVPN's new app for Android.

9 reasons to try the all-new ExpressVPN app for Android today

13 min read
For older versions of ExpressVPN for Android click here Notice anything different, Android users? A totally re-engineered and re-imagined ExpressVPN...
A person on a bike proudly holds up an iPhone. On that iPhone, the ExpressVPN app for iOS is running.

ExpressVPN iOS app: Latest updates and software upgrades (7.0)

13 min read
ExpressVPN 7.0 for iOS is available to download now! Click here for the latest ExpressVPN iOS software For older versions of...

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