Internet security

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9 things you can do with a home server

4 min read
Running your own server at home can be cheap and requires only basic knowledge of the command line. An...
An illustration of a block of servers and a checklist on a notepad.

PwC audits ExpressVPN servers to confirm essential privacy protections

2 min read
At ExpressVPN, we take your privacy and security extremely seriously. To best protect our customers, we follow a central...
The logos of the eight apps featured in this listicle.

8 apps to protect your privacy online

4 min read
Navigating the privacy minefield that is today’s internet can be a challenge. With cybersecurity incidents like the Equifax hack and China’s brazen targeting of...
An illustration of a laptop with password fields with asterisks. However, in front of the laptop is a hand holding a phone. The phone has open some kind of 2FA app. Nice.

Why should I use two-factor authentication?

4 min read
You might have skipped over your email provider’s prompt: Turn on two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a secondary security measure for logging into...
An illustration of a phone with a padlock on the screen. In the padlock is a dollar sign!

5 ways to protect your online finances… In the physical world

3 min read
From VPNs to anti-virus software, there is no shortage of precautions to take when protecting your personal banking online. But your financial information can...
An illustration of the well-known download icon.

Why you shouldn’t ignore ‘Update Your Device’ messages

4 min read
It’s pretty much second nature at this point. We start our laptops and hunker down in our seats, ready to power through the day...
An illustration of an eagle covering its eyes.

ExpressVPN survey reveals Americans do care about privacy after all

3 min read
A representative survey, commissioned by ExpressVPN and undertaken by Propeller Insights, produced many surprising results while confirming some of the industry’s and the public’s...
An illustration of a large green question mark. Inside the question mark, there is a stream of letters and numbers to symbolize code (like they did in the Matrix).

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
A VPN is a clever bit of software that masks the IP address of any device you install it on. In simple terms: When you...
An illustration of a scrap of paper with a username and password field on it. But get this! It's on a fishing hook! Lol.

What is a phishing attack?

3 min read
Phishing is by far the most common “hack” used to steal passwords, take over accounts, and enter systems without authorization. It is mostly a...

6 common misconceptions about passwords

4 min read
We all need passwords. They are by far the most used form of authentication, not only on the internet but also on the telephone,...
Hand holding a hard drive over a trash can.

Introducing TrustedServer: Why ExpressVPN is making VPN-server hard drives obsolete

4 min read
At ExpressVPN, we know users count on us to protect their privacy and security, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we never...
Laptop with a green padlock with a dollar sign on it.

Protect your online banking

5 min read
It should require no further explanation why our online banking details are important. We keep our money there, and if our accounts were to...

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