Internet privacy

The Kazakhstan flag, except with a padlock where the sun should be.

How to stop the Kazakhstan government from intercepting your internet traffic

2 min read
As of this month, internet users in Kazakhstan have been seeing notices to download a government “certificate” to their...
The internet's home icon. But bigger. And red.

9 things you can do with a home server

4 min read
Running your own server at home can be cheap and requires only basic knowledge of the command line. An...
The FaceApp logo, with horns.

FaceApp’s popularity sparks privacy concerns, but when will we learn?

4 min read
Chances are you’ve recently come across photos of friends and family years into the future, thanks to viral photo app FaceApp. The app, which first...
A smartphone screen with an open eye on a red background.

Report: Stalkerware apps not held accountable for infringing privacy rights

3 min read
Stalkerware—spyware applications installed on devices to surveil children, employees, and partners—has become the latest tool used by abusers to exert power and control over...
A green boxing glove, covered in Matrix style code.

The fight for online privacy is heating up in Maine

4 min read
About two years ago, the United States Senate voted in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 34, essentially enabling internet service providers (ISPs) to sell...
The Facebook logo with a bite taken from it, similar to Apple's logo.

Wozniak says we should get off Facebook but why should Zuckerberg care?

5 min read
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest tech celebrity to urge users to purge their Facebook account, suggesting that the privacy risks are concerning...
A picture of Mary Meeker

7 privacy and security takeaways in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

3 min read
The biggest slide deck about the internet is back! Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report has highlighted important online observations since 1995, and this year’s...
An illustration of an eagle covering its eyes.

ExpressVPN survey reveals Americans do care about privacy after all

3 min read
A representative survey, commissioned by ExpressVPN and undertaken by Propeller Insights, produced many surprising results while confirming some of the industry’s and the public’s...
An illustration of a large green question mark. Inside the question mark, there is a stream of letters and numbers to symbolize code (like they did in the Matrix).

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
A VPN is a clever bit of software that masks the IP address of any device you install it on. In simple terms: When you...
A google shopping cart with the Gmail logo inside the cart.

Google is using Gmail to track your purchases. No one knows why.

2 min read
For almost six years, Google has extracted and stored all purchases, bookings, and subscriptions from your Gmail account. It’s not clear why Google wants...
Mobile phone with an unlocked and locked icon on either side of a yellow line on the floor.

Worried your devices will get confiscated at the border? Here’s what you can do

3 min read
There is growing evidence to suggest that border security agents are taking greater steps to intrude into our daily lives. Just last year, customs...
What does incognito mode actually protect against?

What doesn’t incognito mode protect against?

5 min read
Among many other techniques, websites can use cookies to track your browsing history, which may also reveal your online habits. Beyond the use of cookies,...

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