Internet privacy

An illustration of a road warning sign that says "Convenience".

As we rush toward convenience, say so long to privacy

5 min read
We’re all guilty of the same thing. In our rush to download and install apps, we carelessly breeze through all...
Red fist with cascadings numbers.

3 things activists can do to strengthen their privacy and security

1 min read
Plummeting press freedoms, stifled internet access, attempts to subvert encryption, and plenty of other indicators point to a budding...
Browser with boxes containing different types of browsing activity.

You should be compartmentalizing your browsers. Here’s how it works.

2 min read
We’re acutely aware that our data is valuable—our online movements are followed assiduously by companies and governments who wish to target us for their...
An illustration of a CA certificate.

What is a CA certificate, and how does it work?

3 min read
Recently, the government of Kazakhstan temporarily forced citizens to install a Certificate Authority (CA) that allowed the state to decrypt all content and communications...
Profile of a man whose face has identifiable information about him.

Anonymized demographic data can still be used to identify you

4 min read
If you’re one of the few people who read terms of service, you may find buried in various companies’ privacy policies a clause saying...
An illustration of a shredder shredding a terms of service document.

Study confirms less than 20% always read terms of service

2 min read
If you frequently click ‘I agree’ with regards to companies’ terms of service (ToS) without actually reading them, you’re not alone. A new study...
Red circular record button.

Siri and Alexa train their AI with your voice. Here’s how to delete that...

5 min read
If you’ve ever said “Hey” to Alexa, or an “OK” to Google, chances are your voice has been recorded and transcribed to improve their...
The Kazakhstan flag, except with a padlock where the sun should be.

How to stop the Kazakhstan government from intercepting your internet traffic

2 min read
Update: The Kazakh government has halted its CA plans for now. If you previously installed the certificate, make sure it has been thoroughly removed...
The internet's home icon. But bigger. And red.

9 things you can do with a home server

4 min read
Running your own server at home can be cheap and requires only basic knowledge of the command line. An old laptop can be converted...
The FaceApp logo, with horns.

FaceApp’s popularity sparks privacy concerns, but when will we learn?

4 min read
Chances are you’ve recently come across photos of friends and family years into the future, thanks to viral photo app FaceApp. The app, which first...
A smartphone screen with an open eye on a red background.

Report: Stalkerware apps not held accountable for infringing privacy rights

3 min read
Stalkerware—spyware applications installed on devices to surveil children, employees, and partners—has become the latest tool used by abusers to exert power and control over...
A green boxing glove, covered in Matrix style code.

The fight for online privacy is heating up in Maine

4 min read
About two years ago, the United States Senate voted in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 34, essentially enabling internet service providers (ISPs) to sell...

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