Internet privacy

An illustration of an eagle covering its eyes.

ExpressVPN survey reveals Americans do care about privacy after all

3 min read
A representative survey, commissioned by ExpressVPN and undertaken by Propeller Insights, produced many surprising results while confirming some of...
An illustration of a large green question mark. Inside the question mark, there is a stream of letters and numbers to symbolize code (like they did in the Matrix).

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
A VPN is a clever bit of software that masks the IP address of any device you install it...
A google shopping cart with the Gmail logo inside the cart.

Google is using Gmail to track your purchases. No one knows why.

2 min read
For almost six years, Google has extracted and stored all purchases, bookings, and subscriptions from your Gmail account. It’s not clear why Google wants...
Mobile phone with an unlocked and locked icon on either side of a yellow line on the floor.

Worried your devices will get confiscated at the border? Here’s what you can do

3 min read
There is growing evidence to suggest that border security agents are taking greater steps to intrude into our daily lives. Just last year, customs...
What does incognito mode actually protect against?

What doesn’t incognito mode protect against?

5 min read
Among many other techniques, websites can use cookies to track your browsing history, which may also reveal your online habits. Beyond the use of cookies,...
An illustration of money pouring from a wallet bearing the initials MZ.

Profits rise, but Facebook’s poor privacy could still cost Zuckerberg

2 min read
Countless privacy breaches don’t seem to have taken their toll on Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet. Though Facebook was largely expected to announce its first drop in...
Hand holding a hard drive over a trash can.

Introducing TrustedServer: Why ExpressVPN is making VPN-server hard drives obsolete

4 min read
At ExpressVPN, we know users count on us to protect their privacy and security, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we never...
The new ExpressVPN app, shown connected.

Best ever ExpressVPN app available on all major devices

1 min read
We’ve given the ExpressVPN app a complete overhaul! The latest version has a brand new interface and comes bundled with a host of killer...
A crowd hold their phones aloft.

The most secure messaging apps in 2019

6 min read
From WhatsApp to Snapchat, messaging apps provide a free and easy service to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Without encryption, however, private messages could...
Two speech bubbles overlapping with a lock in the overlap.

EFF wants Facebook and 8 other giants to #FixItAlready. We asked what that means.

6 min read
Perhaps the worst aspect of the privacy and security issues plaguing the tech we use every day is that they seem completely preventable. Why hasn’t Twitter...
An illustration of a laptop with a big green open padlock on the screen.

ExpressVPN WireGuard Update

2 min read
WireGuard® is a free and open-source VPN protocol originally written by Jason A. Donenfeld (you can support WireGuard in its efforts here) and currently...
A security camera stamped with the U.S. flag.

8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

3 min read
In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) collects personal data on every American, as well as many more people...

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