Digital freedom

An illustration of a speedometer.

ExpressVPN tops Comparitech’s speed test

1 min read
ExpressVPN has topped Comparitech’s 2019 review of the fastest VPNs on the market. During the tests, ExpressVPN averaged a...
An illustration of a finger print, but the inner lines form a dollar sign. Boom!

Staying private online could save you big bucks

3 min read
By far the biggest offenders when it comes to mining your data are not governments or police, but rather...
A picture of Mary Meeker

7 privacy and security takeaways in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

3 min read
The biggest slide deck about the internet is back! Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report has highlighted important online observations since 1995, and this year’s...
An illustration of a large green question mark. Inside the question mark, there is a stream of letters and numbers to symbolize code (like they did in the Matrix).

Why do I need a VPN?

3 min read
A VPN is a clever bit of software that masks the IP address of any device you install it on. In simple terms: When you...
Facial recognition scan with a question mark on the face.

The fight for your face: The battles deciding the fate of facial recognition

3 min read
Last week, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to ban government agencies from using facial recognition technology. With the increasingly pervasive presence...
An illustration of a desktop computer with a house roof.

How to set up your own home server

5 min read
This guide requires you to use the command line interface, or CLI, and an SSH client. SSH (Secure Shell) is a popular tool to...
A red background with white text. The text says "10th anniversary".

ExpressVPN is turning 10!

2 min read
Ten years is a lifetime in the tech world. We’ve been around since the days when it was still considered dodgy to find a...
A profile shot of Taiwanese legislator Jason Hsu.

This congressman wants to turn Taiwan into a blockchain island. We asked him how.

5 min read
It’s been over ten years since the birth of Bitcoin, and while many cryptocurrencies have come and gone, the technology under it all, blockchain,...
Umbrella with UK flag covering an image of the internet.

UK’s Online Harms White Paper casts a cloud on free speech

3 min read
The UK government has introduced a new regulatory framework that seeks to push companies with online platforms to regulate “harmful” material posted on their...
An illustration of a brain in a head.

Get ‘Smarter Every Day’ with ExpressVPN: How to win the online war for your...

4 min read
Smarter Every Day is one of the most popular science channels on YouTube. You may have already seen its creator, Destin Sandlin, milking poisonous...
The EU flag buffers.

UK users unable to disconnect from EU server location

2 min read
ExpressVPN users in the UK are currently unable to disconnect from the EU server location. An unfortunate glitch means that when a UK user tries...
A copyright symbol surrounded by yellow stars on a blue background

EU approves controversial new copyright directive

2 min read
Bad news: The European Parliament has voted in a highly controversial update to the Copyright Directive, which includes new copyright rules that will effectively...

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