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Two crossed arms hold a different face. It's a bit freaky looking, to be perfectly honest.

Facial swapping software is now open-source

2 min read
Developed by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NVIDIA, vid2vid technology allows anybody to swap the surface...
An illustration of a man in a hoodie using puppet strings on a man sat at a desk.

The art of social engineering: Are you being conditioned?

5 min read
As we get better at securing our computer systems, we are discovering that the weakest line of defense is,...
An illustrated man in a trench coat peruses the internet.

4 ways the CIA can hack you right now

2 min read
Five years ago, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA extensively collects information on citizens worldwide. It’s now clear that...
A browser with an HTTPS green lock. VPN is written in the search bar.

Why HTTPS vs. VPN makes no sense

1 min read
HTTPS vs. VPN is a battle that makes very little sense. Both are important means of internet protection, and...
A padlock with a Wi-Fi symbol.

Wi-Fi security: How to stay safe while connected

3 min read
Wireless security has two components: Authentication and secrecy. And, in theory, responsibility for network security lies with both operators...
A Twitter icon tweets a Bitcoin logo from her mouth.

Eight women in Bitcoin you should follow on Twitter

1 min read
The old cliche that there are few women in Bitcoin is getting a bit tiring. Plenty of women contribute...
Dollars forming a circular “wait” icon above a “Loading…” message. Without net neutrality, expect a slower internet.

Net neutrality is important, and we need to fight for it

5 min read
Net neutrality (before 2003, known as "common carrier concept") describes the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should route data...
Something to hide: A pixelated iPhone

Your secrets are your own: In defense of privacy

2 min read
Society tends to tout transparency and openness as highly virtuous characteristics that are worth pursuing. Both corporations and individuals...

ExpressVPN’s all encompassing, jargon-busting Bitcoin glossary

1 min read
Much like the internet, the Bitcoin network introduced a vast array of new words to explain its unique functionality....
A hammer tries to brute force open a padlock.

How brute-force cracking might reveal your password

5 min read
In cryptography, a brute force attack attempts to decipher encrypted content by guessing the encryption key. This attack is...

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