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An illustration of a man walking with a phone as data spills onto the floor.

4 Ways you can be identified through social media

2 min read
On social media, it is easy to forget who can see our posts. A pseudonym can protect us from...
An illustration of a whistle decorated with the Stars and Stripes.

5 famous whistleblowers who risked everything

4 min read
“See something, say something” is a safety and awareness campaign running across multiple cities in the United States. If you...
A warning sign with a skull and crossbones and the word "Tech".

What are the most dangerous technologies of the surveillance age?

4 min read
Technology such as encryption, VPNs, and Tor can help us maintain and defend our privacy online. But technology can also...
An illustration of a pixelated padlock

What will happen to internet privacy in the future?

2 min read
Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the internet doesn’t work correctly unless we sacrifice some of our privacy....
An illustration of a globe with horns and a halo.

What are the moral issues with internet privacy?

4 min read
The difference between right and wrong is rarely black and white. When it comes to the big moral issues...
An illustration of an ostrich burying its little head in the sand.

How plausible deniability can protect your data

3 min read
Plausible deniability allows individuals to claim they had no involvement in an action taken by others (or, in some...
A gravestone with "internet Privacy" engraved upon it.

Is internet privacy a lost cause?

4 min read
Most people think of privacy as a fundamental right. The right to have a personal conversation without someone listening,...
A laptop with a Venetian blind as a desktop image. But there's a twist! Binoculars peek through the blind. Nice.

Is someone watching you right now?

2 min read
Are you being spied on online? The short answer is: probably. This post will take a look at the key...
An image of a laptop shaking its contents into the bin.

How to properly dispose of your hard drives

3 min read
Data is valuable. Your pictures, legal documents, chat logs, and even saved video games are all things you wouldn't...
The United Nations logo atop a sequence of letters to depict encryption.

Why encryption is vital in free societies

4 min read
In 2011, the United Nations declared internet access a universal human right. That was a necessary step forward for digital...

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