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An illustration of an eagle covering its eyes.

ExpressVPN survey reveals Americans do care about privacy after all

3 min read
A representative survey, commissioned by ExpressVPN and undertaken by Propeller Insights, produced many surprising results while confirming some of...
An illustration of a desktop computer with a house roof.

How to set up your own home server

5 min read
This guide requires you to use the command line interface, or CLI, and an SSH client. SSH (Secure Shell)...
What does incognito mode actually protect against?

What doesn’t incognito mode protect against?

5 min read
Among many other techniques, websites can use cookies to track your browsing history, which may also reveal your online...
An illustration of a scrap of paper with a username and password field on it. But get this! It's on a fishing hook! Lol.

What is a phishing attack?

3 min read
Phishing is by far the most common “hack” used to steal passwords, take over accounts, and enter systems without...

6 common misconceptions about passwords

4 min read
We all need passwords. They are by far the most used form of authentication, not only on the internet...
Laptop with a green padlock with a dollar sign on it.

Protect your online banking

5 min read
It should require no further explanation why our online banking details are important. We keep our money there, and...
The OnionShare logo

Share files securely and anonymously with OnionShare 2

2 min read
We’ve been using OnionShare for a while at ExpressVPN and are quite excited to get our hands on the...
An illustration of internet symbol in handcuffs.

Laws that threaten internet freedom around the world

3 min read
We recently explained why Australia’s new cybersecurity bill is a bad idea. It gives law enforcement the ability to...
An illustration of a laptop held by puppet strings.

What are botnets, and how do you protect against them?

2 min read
Botnets are large networks of hijacked devices (robots) that can be remotely controlled by their creator. Mainly run for profit...
An Australian flag sits atop a series of alphanumeric digits.

Here’s why Australia’s cybersecurity bill is a terrible idea

2 min read
Despite international protest, Australia has passed a new bill that essentially outlaws encryption technology, making its population of 25...

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