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An illustration of a brain in a head.

Get ‘Smarter Every Day’ with ExpressVPN: How to win the online...

4 min read
Smarter Every Day is one of the most popular science channels on YouTube. You may have already seen its...
An illustration of a lock with a magnifying glass held over it. The lens on the magnifying glass reveals the inner workings of the lock. As if the magnifying glass were some sort of magic x-ray machine, possibly from the future.

ExpressVPN publishes outside security audit and open-sources browser extension

4 min read
From the outside, most locks look the same. Some may resist picking or bumping, others may be reinforced against...
The CDT logo next to the ExpressVPN logo.

ExpressVPN launches “Signals of Trustworthy VPNs” with CDT

1 min read
Crunchy? Extra creamy? Reduced fat? Old-fashioned, whatever that means? We’ve all had that feeling of being overwhelmed by choice when...

In memory of John Perry Barlow

2 min read
It is with great sadness that we received the news of John Perry Barlow’s passing. Very early on, Barlow...
Try the new ExpressVPN WebRTC leak tools.

Is your VPN protecting your privacy and security? Check for yourself...

2 min read
With cyber attacks and hacks, government surveillance, and big data mining all on the rise, more and more people...
ExpressVPN: Better Privacy

ExpressVPN: Better Privacy and Security with Industry-Leading DNS Leak Protection

3 min read
Sometimes a VPN can fail to protect your device’s DNS (Domain Name System) queries even when the rest of...

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